Can you support the next generation whilst also getting valuable work done for your business?

Industry placements give you early sight of the new talent coming into your industry. They can help you with recruitment, improve innovation, and increase your organisation’s productivity. They also have important social benefits.

We can connect you to diverse and motivated young people who want to discover the world of work, develop their skills and deliver real commercial value for your business. Whether it’s organising a careers insight week or a 45-hour T Level placement, we can help.

What are T Levels?

New, 2-year qualifications for 16-19 year olds, T Levels have been designed with employers to develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills of young people to thrive in the workplace. At the heart of each course, a 45-day industry placement will give you early access to the brightest talent entering your market.

Benefits of industry placements include:

  • A solution for entry-level jobs – they can help you build a pipeline of talent for junior positions
  • Cost-effective channel for recruitment – you can avoid many of the costs associated with recruitment
  • Developing young people into your industry – placements give you a chance to work alongside the next generation of workers entering your industry, making sure they develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to succeed
  • Developing your staff – placements create opportunities for staff to act as buddies, coaches or line managers to students, building their confidence and job satisfaction
  • Offering a fresh perspective – placement students can be an invaluable source of new and exciting ideas that can change the way you think about doing business
  • Giving you an extra pair of hands – in an environment where staff are doing multiple roles and struggling to meet deadlines, an industry placement student could support a key piece of work

Employer T Level guide

If T Levels aren’t right for you

If T Levels aren’t right for you, but you are keen to engage with our students, how about a short 30 hour placement? This could be a support on a specific project or a great way to meet some students with a view to progressing them into employment on completion of studies. Contact us to find out more.