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Ian Richards


Ian Richards Ian is Chair of the Higher Education Oversight Committee and is a member of the Employment and Equalities Committee. Ian joined the Corporation of Bournville College in January 2015, becoming its chair the following April. He joined the board of South and City College after the merger with Bournville College in August 2017. Ian is a qualified chartered accountant and experienced senior finance manager and former Finance Director. He has extensive experience of college governance in a variety of settings and has been Chair of Queen Alexandra College Birmingham since July 2018. His previous roles have included Chair of Audit Committee, Chair of Finance Committee and Vice Chair of Corporation. Ian also has experience as a Deputy Principal and Clerk of the Corporation at Rugby College, a general college of further education. Ian has been brought onto the Corporation to improve the level of financial and strategic skills, and to increase its further education expertise. Ian is also a trustee for ABPlus Ltd, a charity providing peer support and mentoring to people living with HIV, and for YSS Ltd, a charity providing support to young people in the criminal justice system.