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Marianne Coward


Marianne Coward Marianne is a member of the Standards Committee, Search Panel and Special Committee. She is also Lead Governor for Safeguarding. Marianne joined the Corporation in July 2012 and became a member of the Audit Committee for a number of years before moving to the Standards Committee. Since becoming a governor, Marianne has taken part in training relating to FE governance, audit and accountancy practice, college leadership, safeguarding, and curriculum quality and improvement. Marianne also accepted the role of Lead Governor for Safeguarding in 2014. Marianne had a successful career in marketing and public relations before joining West Midlands Fire Service, where she was a Community Safety Manager, developing projects and programmes through which communities at risk could be supported. Between 2001 and 2006, she was a visiting lecturer in Business Design Communication. Marianne is a local resident and brings to the Corporation a broad range of skills and expertise in public relations, social inclusion and community safety. Her knowledge and experience made her an ideal candidate to take the lead governance role in safeguarding matters.