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Travel and Aviation students visit East Midlands Airport

“This course is really adventurous and enjoyable, from getting out to a lot of cool places, to the great tutors and class.” – Shante, student

Our Level 2 and Level 3 Travel and Aviation students took a trip to see East Midlands Airport (EMA) in a tailored learning experience. The day was run through the Aerozone team at EMA with exciting resources such as a mini airport!

… No, that doesn’t mean a tiny model airport that our students had to run! The mini airport is a highlight reel of the aviation experience, designed to replicate key areas of the terminal to give students the opportunity to act out role play scenarios.

It started with a tour of the real East Midlands Airport check-in areas for Jet2, Tuit and Ryanair, followed by a peek behind the curtain at the security check point. Students got to see the airport in full swing during the busy holiday period.

After the tour, the students took part in an East Midlands Airport quiz. This was followed with two industry talks by current staff: a Security Officer Manager and an Air Traffic Control Assistant. You could hardly hope for a better insight into future careers.

The trip has provided lift to the soaring aspirations of many of our students. One of our Level 3 students is already in the process of applying for a role with Air Traffic Control with NATS Aero!

Level 2 student Shante said of the day: “After the trip I now know that I really want to be Cabin crew – I love travelling! My favourite part of the EMA trip was looking at the different facilities. We had an assignment on aviation at the same time so we could put actual field notes in there, like how we saw airport security.”

“This course is really adventurous and enjoyable, from getting out to a lot of cool places, to the great tutors and class.”

Level 2 student Naomi said: “The trip was amazing! A few members of staff from different airports talked to us, and they were providing us with more information throughout the day so it really helped us. We were doing an assignment on aviation and this really helped, like viewing the check-in desks. I want to be Cabin crew as well, I like the advantages of flying, going to great locations and destinations.”

“I’d really recommend the Travel and Aviation course. The tutors really helped us in our assignment, they’ve been with us and supported us.”

Our students and staff want to thank East Midlands Airport and the Aerozone team for bringing down the day for a perfect landing. It was an invaluable experience! You can book your own bespoke trip here.

Aviation industry experiences are frequent parts of SCCB’s Travel and Aviation courses, including a recent FlyMe simulation. We work closely with employers and look for opportunities for our students to get a real taste of the world of work to give them a leg up on their competition.

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