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UAL London College of Fashion collaborate with South & City College for Insights Programme

University of the Arts London (UAL) College of Fashion have collaborated with South and City College through their Insights Programme, which gives fashion students the opportunity to develop their skills in a 5-day workshop. It provides students with an understanding of what it’s like to work at university level on a creative brief set by a UAL tutor and gain pre-university advice and tips for their portfolio work.

This particular project encourages students to look deep within themselves, exploring their individuality and what they stand for and how that can be translated into a singular A3 image.

Kasey Cornwell, a Level 3 Fashion & Textiles student on the Insights Programme explained what he enjoys about the programme, saying:

‘’I love having the ability to be able to self-express through my creativity and everyone is quite accepting of me in my identity as well which really does help’’.

Nazia Sheikh, Fashion & Textiles Lecturer at South & City explains the importance of courses like this, saying:

‘’It helps develop confidence and independence amongst our students and makes them aware of the opportunities that are available to them.’’

‘’It promotes equality and diversity through the principles of the programme which has been set up to encourage students from all backgrounds and gives the opportunity to apply to and be welcomed at prestigious universities such as UAL’s London College of Fashion (LCF).’’

‘’It is an excellent opportunity, as a college, to be linked with UAL and LCF and great for recruitment and is enriching for our learners.’’

A lot of the students also voiced how the programme provided them with more creative freedom to express their own interests through this project.

Jacob (a UAL tutor) attended our Digbeth Campus on Monday to have a talk with the fashion students, sharing his insightful story and experience in the industry and provided students with inspiration for their project surrounding identity.

The likes of Chanel, Versace and Christian Dior were used as examples to highlight how their iconic and renowned signature styles were influenced by their identity and how they view the world through their unique, individual lens. Students began to share moments in their lives and stances they plan to take to go against societal norms in their pieces.

It was phenomenal to see the room exuding with creativity and hearing so many amazing ideas being shared. South & City College can’t wait to see the finished outcome!

South & City College would like to thank UAL London College of Fashion for collaborating on the Insights Programme and inspiring students to progress and push boundaries in an innovative way. In the words of Jacob from UAL ‘’Make people fall in love with you and don’t be scared of your story’’.

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