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Work experience with a difference in Spain

Twelve lucky students from our Engineering, Electrical Installation and Automotive courses took an unforgettable trip to Córdoba, Spain, for a week of real international work experience… and lots of fun!

It was a tremendous opportunity to boost their skills and CV for the labour market, to mix with other international students and also to enjoy the culture of a beautiful European city. It was all thanks to Europe Connexion, who organise exciting agendas and packaged educational trips. ¡Muchos gracias!

Our students were introduced to local companies in their field and had a week-long placement. The companies and staff made them feel very welcome. Students said the experience boosted their confidence and knowledge massively in a very short timeframe.

Hammad, Mechanical Engineering, said: “The Spain trip was an amazing experience for me, it was a really good chance for me to go abroad and learn new things. It has helped me boost my confidence levels. With my work placement I got a chance to work properly with machines that I never used before. I have enhanced my skills within my course. I have learnt a lot and saw a lot in the week that I was there. Thanks to Europe Connexion and Masood. Hope to gain more experiences like this in the future again!”

Outside of work, our students were treated to laughs and memorable moments aplenty. They toured historical sites in Córdoba such as the Temple Romano and Plaza de las Tendillas, took an immersive Spanish course to hone their conversational skills, and played dodgeball with their ‘Spanish family’ – students from Hungary and Austria.

“I am extremely proud of our young learners who took the brave decision of working abroad,” said Masood Yasin, Senior Student Retention Co-ordinator. “The valuable experience working with people from other backgrounds abroad exposed our learners to different working styles, forcing them to develop stronger communication skills and confidence as they progress their careers.

“Overseas experience on any CV will give our learners a valuable competitive advantage when they return home. A global perspective is highly regarded by employers, which will open them up to excellent opportunities into the future”.

Read our student stories from the trip:

Mia, Mechanical Engineering

“The trip to Spain was a beautiful experience. I had so much fun with everyone. During my stay I did a week’s work experience. I worked on some CNC machines and did some hand work (filing). I also worked on the computer using systems such as CAD software.

The employees were really nice and helpful. The environment was laid back. I learnt about the Spanish culture and language as we had lessons during the week.

Everyone got along which made me happy and less nervous as I was the only girl. It felt like I had known everyone for ages, like we were a big family. I felt involved and confident.

Exploring Spain was one of my favourite experiences. I found my way around the area we were staying really easy. The views were beautiful and the weather was amazing. On some days it would get really hot but eventually it would cool down in the evening.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay and I would go back 100 times with the same people as I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Masood and Joshua and our Spanish family, they really looked after us and made it worth our time.”

Mohammed, Electrical Installation

“I went on a Spain trip to learn and develop a new set of skills abroad with the rest of my team. I was given this opportunity by Masood and Europe Connexion and my former teacher Adnan.

The tourist attractions were stunning. At our hotel we met with our Spanish family, the Hungarians and Austrians. We stayed in Córdoba where we explored the old capital and the history behind it and the ancient relics. The people in Córdoba were very friendly and positive.

I worked at a place called Teleplaca. I was with the Hungarians learning about solar panels and renewable energy sources. The team were friendly and helped us understand the concept of work.

Me and my group also stopped off in Sevilla at the end of our trip where we spent our whole day there, sightseeing the city and many food spots which was amazing. We took daily Spanish lessons in Córdoba which helped us communicate with the locals and understand what they were saying. I give all the thanks to Europe Connexions for helping us and also big thanks to SCCB and Masood for giving me this opportunity.”

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