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Our Students ask: What does Hijab mean to you?

“The whole purpose of the stand was to express that we need to treat people with kindness while having differences.” – A- Level students Isra Omar, Negar Edalati and Hosne Heeba Jannat (pictured) doing our college proud on World Hijab Day.

Feb 1st saw the return of World Hijab Day – a day to understand the choice of modesty for Muslim women around the world and how they relate to the Hijab differently, with many proud to wear it.

Bournville A-Level students Isra Omar, Negar Edalati and Hosne Heeba Jannat (pictured) set up a stand to encourage fellow students to come and ask the question: “What does Hijab mean to you?”

A banner was made with fascinating answers from around the campus, leading to some eye-opening discussions:

The World Hijab Day stand was entirely led by the A-Level students, who wanted to promote understanding and mutual respect of tolerance and belief as well as individual liberty– core parts of British values.

The students also wanted to raise awareness of the tragic and horrifying case of Mahsa Amini, whose death last year led to the ongoing women’s rights protests in Iran.

In the Students’ words: “In remembrance of ‘Mahsa Amini’, who was arrested by Iran’s morality police for ‘improperly’ wearing the hijab. She passed away while still being in police custody, due to suffering severe brain injuries.”

South and City College Birmingham are proud of our brilliant students for spreading awareness! Education is the first step towards understanding and acceptance. The college experience is about being exposed to much more diverse backgrounds and hearing the stories of people’s lives.

So… What does Hijab mean to you?

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