South & City College Birmingham is directed and governed by its Chair Clive Henderson, Vice Chair Lucy Jeynes and our Board of Governors. The role of all College Governors is voluntary. Governors are drawn from various professional backgrounds including business, industry, law, finance and education.

The Board of Governors is responsible for setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability, and monitoring college performance. It is also responsible for setting the mission, vision and values of the college.

The Board of Governors is supported by a number of committees, including:

  • Audit
  • Search and Governance
  • Employment and Equalities
  • Senior Staff Remuneration
  • Higher Education Oversight Committee
  • Schools Committee

Our committees are responsible for considering college matters which fall with the relevant committee of responsibility. The committee then feeds back any matters or issues to the full governing body. The corporation office consists of the Clerk to Corporation (Parveen Ghulam), Deputy Clerk (Hahna Akhtar) and Corporation Co-ordinator/Personal Assistant (Julie Groom).

Register of Interests – A copy of the register of interests is available to anyone upon request from the Head of Corporate Governance.

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Head of Corporate Governance

Parveen Ghulam

0121 694 5000 Send Email
Deputy Clerk

Hahna Akhtar

0121 694 5000 Send Email
Corporation Co-ordinator/Personal Assistant

Julie Groom

0121 694 5000 Send Email

South & City College Birmingham governance is supported by Convene. It provides us with a digital board portal, to allow us to have secure paperless board and committee meetings.