Access information about our safeguarding policies, commitments, and plans.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Anna-Marie Mason

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Donna Kelly

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Claire Brooks

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Bernard Thompson

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Jeannie Christina

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Alison Harrison

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Leanne Dixon

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Jo Wright

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Cassandra Dockery-Pirouzi

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Bal Singh

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Elizabeth Beard

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Jane Harper

How we support our learners

The College has a Safeguarding Policy and Procedure to help ensure the safety and protection of students from abuse of all types.

The policy adopts the principles set by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and the Department for Education guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’, Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges. May 2016.

The Policy is available to all parents, students, and staff. There are designated Safeguarding Officers located at each campus who can advise on any concerns you may have regarding a student studying at the College. You can contact them on

View our policies below:

SCCB Safeguarding 2022-23

Safer Students Charter

You can call the below for any safeguarding concerns:

  • Safeguarding Number: 0121 644 2222
  • 24/7 Student Helpline: 0800 028 3766

Please note that the above phone numbers are not a general means of contact for the college. If you need to call the college for any other reason please use 0121 694 5000.

Staying Safe is a College priority – All learners will take part in tutorials activities and college wide events throughout the year to raise the profile of well-being, staying safe and how to report concerns.

College Designated Safeguarding Lead – Anna-Marie Mason