Boxing Academy

Our new Boxing Academy is knockout win for our Bournville campus. It was opened on September 2023, with visiting boxing legends like former World Boxing Middleweight Champion Wayne Elcock here to cut the red ribbon.

The Academy is currently taking place in Urban Fitness, Bournville’s gym – straight on from the main building entrance, with its own helpful reception.

Are you a student with us? Come along! The Academy is on:

Mondays 1pm-2pm

Tuesdays 11am-12pm

You can join the Boxing Academy alongside your course at South & City College Birmingham. This is just one of many Academies that our Sports team puts together with specialist training, professional facilities and local competition opportunities.


Facilities include a fresh new boxing ring, complete with all the bags, gloves and training weights. We have specialist boxing coaches to lead your development, sharpen your skills and show you how to fight safely.

Boxing Academy Benefits

  • Exercise and self-defence for better physical health
  • Community and self-discipline for better mental health
  • Balance your studies with something fun and new

You can take the sport as seriously as you like while you are with us! We will support you if you want to pursue it purely competitively, or more likely if you just want to let off steam and have a laugh.

Boxing Academy Future

For this year, the Academy is only available at our Bournville campus. In future, we are looking to open a Bordesley Green one if there is good uptake.