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This is a part-time course at Entry 1 - Entry 2 Level, for students who want to re-engage with learning.

There are a variety options to choose from - you may be able to choose up to more than one or combine with the Brush up English and Maths courses, up to a maximum of 6 sessions/3 days per week.

The options are:

  • Cooking skills
  • Home skills *Art
  • Performance – music and drama

Course description

Each course is once a week for around 5 hours a day. You will be allocated a personal tutor who will support you throughout and on any trips, visits or any other activities whilst you are on the course.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Participate effectively in social situations
  • Change your attitudes and behaviour to express who you truly are
  • Manage the stress that a lack of confidence creates
  • Present yourself confidently and assertively, changing the way you interact with others
  • Improve your decision making skills and allow you to take control of your life.
  • Become more independent *Explore new things
  • Take a more active part in their community
  • Develop a range of practical and/or creative skills
  • Develop social skills and an awareness of others
  • Enhance communication and self-advocacy skills
  • Begin to determine their own learning through the achievement of personalised learning goals
  • Develop confidence and self esteem

What areas will I study?

  • Improving your confidence *Become more confident
  • Improving your social skills
  • Developing new interests
  • Making new friends *Help you choose your career pathway

Course options