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From Fins to Fur: College Course Delves into Care of Diverse Animal Species 

In a ground-breaking approach to animal care education, South & City College Birmingham is offering a course that breaks away from the conventional curriculum by introducing a variety of animals rarely seen in traditional academic settings. 

Starting in January 2024, South and City College Birmingham is launching an Animal Care course, designed to provide students with hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of diverse species. Featuring an array of creatures ranging from Giant African land snails, Paradise toads, and stick insects to the more traditional guinea pigs, lizards, and fish – this course prepares students to enter a variety of different career pathways relating to animal care and wellbeing.  

Micah Du Pont, South and City College Birmingham Animal Care Technician, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Our goal is to offer students a real-world, comprehensive experience in animal care. By working with such a diverse range of animals, students gain a deep understanding of the specific needs and behaviours of each species, preparing them for a variety of career paths in animal care.” 

The hands-on nature of the course will gain attention from students interested in veterinary studies, biology, and zoology. It will provide an invaluable opportunity for aspiring animal care learners to gain practical knowledge and skills in a controlled and supervised environment. Not only will students learn about animal husbandry; but they will also learn about health screening and practical science, such as lab skills required to test for parasites, urinalysis, and how to use a centrifuge to test blood samples to name just a few. 


The Level 2 Technical Diploma in Animal Care course equips learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in diverse sectors such as the RSPCA, pet shops, kennels, catteries, ranger services, and wildlife conservation. This qualification serves as an ideal foundation for those passionate about animal care, preparing them for the demands and responsibilities of working in this rewarding field.

Prospective students and the community can find out more about the course on the college website, together with how to apply, and why you should consider making South and City College Birmingham your right choice.