Digbeth Campus at South & City College Birmingham

Most courses start in September and with courses filling up fast you will need to get your application in quickly to secure your place. Below you will find details of our application process for Tier 4 students. For applicants wishing to study one of the English Language courses the process is slightly different, please see English Language School.

1. Initial Enquiry Take a look at our information about the college, courses and fees both online and in the International Guide. If you need help choosing the right course then please contact us.

2. Application

Download and complete the International Application Form
Remember to attach everything on the checklist

  • Copies of qualifications - If you are using documents which are not in English, you must also provide an official translation. The translation must contain: Confirmation from the translator or translation company that It is an accurate translation of the original document; The date of the translation; The full name and signature of the translator or of an authorised official of the translation company; The translator or translation company's contact details.
  • Secure English Language Test certificate: Please note that if you need an IELTS test for UK visa applications, you can only take them at a UKVI approved IELTS test centre.
  • Clear copy of your passport cover and personal details page
  • Personal statement
  • Financial evidence of maintenance and tuition fees - Bank statements confirming that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees for the first year and a specific amount of money for living costs up to a maximum of 9 months, also referred to as maintenance. 

    Please note that you must be able to prove that the money has been in your or your parent's/legal guardian's account for 28 days. Do not submit your Tier 4 application unless you meet this requirement or you visa will be refuse

  • References from previous educational institutions

    TB Certificate for selected countries (see list of countries on the www.gov.uk/apply-uk-visa website)

3. Offer Letter

Once we have processed your application we will issue you with a conditional offer if you meet the international admission and course entry criteria. This offer will be subject to a number of conditions which must be met before your place can be confirmed, including a Skype interview.

4. Payment of Fees

When we confirm that you have met all of the conditions of the offer you will then need to pay the full first year's fee. The preferred method is a bank transfer. Our bank details will be supplied in our letter to you.
PLEASE NOTE: The first £300 of this fee is a non refundable administration charge. Details of our refund policy can be found here.

5. CAS

When we are in receipt of your fee we will assign your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). You will use this to apply for your visa.

6. Visa Application

Your visa application will need to be made online. (If you do not have an agent then) We will guide you in this process .

When to apply for your Visa:

The earliest you can apply for your visa is 3 months before your course start date.

For a course of 12 months or longer, you apply for a visa that is the length of your course plus four months.

If your course is between 6 and 12 months long, you apply for a visa that is the length of your course plus 2 months.

If your course is less than 6 months long, you apply for a visa that is the length of your course plus 7 days.

For pre-sessional courses that are less than 6 months, you apply for a visa that is the length of your course plus one month

Your visa application will need to be made online. We provide a full immigration support service for students which begins with issuing their CAS number

Health surcharge (IHS)

From 6 April 2015 applications for visas that are more than six months long will also include an 'immigration health surcharge'. The cost will be included in your Tier 4 application charge and is based on the length of the visa that you are applying for, including the extra period of leave that you will be granted after the end of your course.

The surcharge is calculated as £300 per year for each year of leave that you are applying for. If this includes part of a year that is six months or less you will be charged an additional £150 for this period. If it includes part of a year that is more than six months, you will have to pay £300 for this period. For example, if your Tier 4 application is to allow you to do a further 12 months of study in the UK then you should be granted leave for an extra four months after your course end date and the immigration surcharge will therefore be £450.

7. Documents Need for Visa Application

You must include:

  • A current passport or other valid travel documents
  • One passport-sized colour photograph with your name written on the reverse side
  • Proof you can support yourself and pay for your course -That the money has been in your bank account at all times for a period of at least 28 days. (The UKVI will use the most recent entry on your bank
  • Statement and count back 28 days) That your bank statement is dated within a month of your application (i.e. no more than 30 days old)
  • Valid CAS (include your CAS number in the online Tier 4 form)
  • Proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you're under 18.
  • Your tuberculosis test results if you’re from a country where you have to take the test.
  • Check if you need to take a tuberculosis test
  • Original qualification certificates/ other education documents used by SCCB when we made our offer to you. This information is on your CAS statement. (Fully certified translation is needed if not in English).

Credibility interview

The purpose of the interview is to demonstrate to the College that you are a genuine student. This is a key part to your VISA application therefore it is important you prepare in advance and seriously consider your responses.

Your preparation should cover the following:

  • An overview of yourself, your hobbies, interests and motivation to pursue higher education.
  • Details of your previous qualifications both in the UK and elsewhere.
  • Knowledge of your chosen course at SCCB and why the course is suitable for you.
  • Your reasons for pursing your chosen course
  • Your reasons for choosing South & City College Birmingham (it would be advisable to thoroughly research the College and the facilities that are available).
  • Your reasons for wanting to study in the United Kingdom
  • Details of any previous visits to the United Kingdom.
  • Your plans after completion of the course.
  • How you are financing your studies, including accommodation arrangements and living costs.

The Home Office need to be satisfied you are a genuine student so it is important you take the interview seriously. Spend time researching and preparing your answers and really consider why you have chosen to study at SCCB and in the United Kingdom. You can access all information about the College and your chosen course on our website.

The interview will also be testing your ability to speak and understand English. Preparation will help you to answer all the questions confidently, which will not only show your understanding of the English Language but it will help demonstrate credibility.

Post Study Plans - You should be able to explain your future goals and plans and how your SCCB course will help you to achieve your goals and plans.

Finances: Make sure you know all the information with regards to your sponsorship this should include, proof of sponsor, your relation to the sponsor, the income source of your sponsor. It is advisable and important to know how much things will cost, how much travel, food and accommodation costs be per week.

Your preparation should cover the following: Could you add the following questions

- Why do you want to study in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia
- Why did you chose SCCB
- Why did you chose SCCB
- How did you find out about SCCB
- How long will your journey to college take
- What will your travel costs be per week
- Knowledge of your course, level and structure

How you are financing your studies, including accommodation arrangements and living costs. underneath that could you add the following:

Who is financing your studies and what is there occupation
Do you know how many hours you are allowed to work

8. Visa Outcome

www.gov.uk/visa-processing-times - Check how long it will take to process your visa.

You must notify us of the outcome of your visa within 24 hours.

Biometric Residence Permit collection

If you're entering the UK on a visa you'll need to collect your Biometric Residence Permit within ten days of arrival. You'll need this card before you enrol on your course and, if required, to register with the police.

What is a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)?

A BRP is a card (the size of a bank card) that contains your personal information; details of your unique physical characteristics that can be used to identify you (fingerprints, photograph etc) and your immigration status and any conditions of your stay.

When must I collect my BRP?

You must collect your BRP within ten days of arriving in the UK. If you fail to do this within the ten days this could result in your visa being cancelled or a penalty being charged. You'll also need to collect it before your enrolment date.

Where must I collect my BRP?

If you applied for your visa from overseas, your BRP will be available for collection at the post office. Which post office it has been sent to will be confirmed in your 'decision letter' that you'll receive before you leave for the UK.

9. Enrolment

An appointment will be made for you to enrol at the College on your arrival in the UK. Here is where we will need to see all of the original documentation you previously provided copies of, plus your passport and visa. You will be given a full induction and support with settling in to life in the UK.

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