Travel and Tourism Trip – Flybe Training – Exeter

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 10:33

The Travel and Tourism department visited Flybe’s training academy at Exeter airport in January to take part in the airline’s cabin crew safety course. Eighteen enthusiastic students with career aspirations of working in the aviation industry travelled for the full day’s training run by the training team of one of the UK’s most popular airlines. This is third year that the department has organised the trip, it gives the students a valuable insight into the responsibilities of the cabin crew.

The learners were introduced to the trainers and given some key information about the airline; they then participated in the first training activity - a cabin crew evacuation procedure due to an engine fire and emergency landing. The evacuation took place in one of the plane cabins with the focus on carrying out a 14-point procedure plan and communicating with the pilots and passengers.

The next activity was an evacuation from a plane via the emergency slides. Each learner experienced what it would be like to leave the plane at the speed of one passenger a second. There were plenty of opportunities for photos to be taken by the students. Before lunch there was a classroom session, where the training team went through the safety equipment found on a plane. Students were shown how to use a fire extinguisher, put on a smoke hood, activate an emergency signal transmitter, and how to safely put a young baby into flotation device in case a plane ever ditches into water.

The afternoon started with more practical activities such as carrying out a pre-flight safety demonstration with lifejackets, oxygen masks and seat belts. Next each learner had the opportunity to arm and disarm the main passenger doors of a plane for either an evacuation or when safely arriving at an airport and the passengers to leave via an air bridge.

The training staff finished the day by talking to the group about employment opportunities with the airline and requirements of candidates wishing to apply. They were also encouraged to apply for the airline’s work experience programme that takes place in July and ended with an open question and answer session about why Flybe is such a great company to work for.

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