South and City College ecobrick challenge

College News and Communications
Wednesday, 07 November 2018 12:01

What are ecobricks?
Ecobricks are thermally insulating bricks that are made by simply compressing unrecyclable plastic into 2L bottles. They are a highly insulating building material that is water, fire and even bullet-proof.

Michelle Medler, Supported Learning Lecturer at our Bournville Campus, is challenging staff to help her make 500 ecobricks.

Michelle said, “I'm sure the rubbish collected from wrappers and fruit containers in each office at every campus would be enough to make a brick. It will help reduce rubbish costs and it will help me reach my 500 bottles target. Obviously I will happily take them home if they can be taken to Bournville.”

So separate your non-recyclable plastic rubbish and either make your own ecobricks or send to Michelle.

All ecobrick bottles will be sent to Eco-Freaks Emporium, who export to poorer areas of the world, to help build homes and shelters.