Health and Social Care Apprentice’s journey to becoming a Paramedic

College News and Communications
Monday, 08 April 2019 15:19

Completing an apprenticeship offers a different route to a career, as Nero Ali explains. This 21 year old apprentice is working for Fairway Homecare agency and studies Health and Social Care at Level 2 at South & City College Birmingham.

Nero’s apprenticeship started not long after she started working for Fairway last year. It’s part of her long-term dream to become a paramedic. She knows where she is going and how to achieve her goal.

“I need to complete two years in the care industry, whether it be part of my job or voluntary.” Nero explained, “Then I can apply through an NHS Trust to complete on-the-job training, or study for a degree.”

Nero spends one day a week at college and works for the rest of the week, an arrangement which suits her perfectly, as she gets paid whilst she’s working towards her qualifications.

“The tutors are extremely helpful, friendly and provide constructive criticism. They make the class feel comfortable and encourage inclusion as much as possible.”

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