Students Celebrate Black History Month at South & City College

College News and Communications
Thursday, 29 October 2020 16:48


Black History Month has been celebrated for over 30 years in the UK, with the aim of challenging racism and teaching a history that was not taught at school. Throughout history, black people have always been present in the UK, however there has been a lack of representation in the history books. Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.

This year, as a college we've put on many Black History Month events across all of our campuses.

Lead by their personal tutor, Joy McFarlane, the Hairdressing (Level 2) students at our Longbridge (Bournville College) campus researched the life of Madam CJ Walker. Walker was one of the first Black American women to become a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, creating hair products for tightly coiled African Caribbean hair (now referred to by hairdressers as 'type 4' hair). The life and fortune of Madam CJ Walker has been characterised in a Netflix box set, which the group has been watching together.

As part of Black History Month, Joy has also discussed black issues including the Black Lives Matter movement and how her own life is impacted as a modern black woman.

Meanwhile, the team in Karibunis restaurant put on an event to celebrate and promote Caribbean food. The students made and created mocktails for the hairdressing students and they all had lunch together. The art department decorated Karibunis with some of their artwork, following a Caribbean theme.

Liz Farebrother, Head of School, asked the students what they had learnt during Black History Month. In response, they said that women like Madam CJ Walker taught them never to give up; when someone says no, still don’t give up. Liz is very proud of both schools and how they came together to celebrate black history and immerse the students in Caribbean culture, food and drink.