Can I get a Standard Visitor Visa or Short-term Study Visa on arrival in the UK?

If you are a ‘visa national’ (that requires a visa to travel to the UK) then you must apply for a Standard Visitor Visa or a Short-term Study Visa in advance from outside of the UK (We will provide you with the relevant visa support letter).

If you are a ‘non-visa national’ (e.g. citizens of the EU, USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau etc. are non-visa nationals), then a visa is not required for travel to the UK for up to 6 months study and can get a Standard Visitor Visa on arrival.

  • You may still need to demonstrate you have been accepted to study at an accredited institution in the UK to be issued a visa on arrival in the UK
  • We will provide you with a visa support letter for this purpose

If you are a ‘non-visa national’ coming to study English language for between 6 to 11 months, then you must apply online for a Short-term Study Visa in advance from outside of the UK (We will provide you with a visa support letter for this purpose.)

What courses can I apply for on a Student Route Visa?

You can apply for a full-time Level 3 to Level 6 course (must hold a relevant qualification to meet the level) and an English Course at a B1 level and above.

Which type of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) do I require?

If applying from a non-English speaking country you are required to provide a UKVI Approved academic (SELT) valid within 2 years.

If you are outside of the UK

You can only take a SELT with one of the following providers:

  • PSI Services (UK) Ltd – Skills for English (UKVI)
  • IELTS SELT Consortium
  • Language Cert
  • Pearson

 on the student route key points part the fees have changed

What is a CAS?

Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) is an electronic virtual document which is provided to you by the college which is needed when applying for your Student Route Visa.

You must meet the 70 Points in order to obtain a CAS.

  • 50 Points for Confirmation of Acceptance for studies, this shows you have met course requirement, approved qualification requirement, level of study and place of study requirement.
  • 10 Points for Financial Requirement
  • 10 points for English Language proficiency

A CAS is not a paper document and will be given via email. Please note it is your responsibility to check your CAS statement to ensure all the information it contains is accurate. As a Student Route Visa Sponsor we are only able to issue you a CAS if you meet all the requirements stated above and we are satisfied that you will successfully obtain a visa.

You must keep the CAS safe and secure as it contains your personal data.

Do I require a CAS?

For a Standard Visitor Visa or Short-term Study Visa a CAS is not required but for a Student Route Visa a CAS is required and certain conditions must be met. For requirements please see our How to Apply page.

What are the fees and do I have to pay fees in full or can I pay by instalments?

Full fees are required.

  • £348 to apply from outside the UK change to £363
  • £475 to extend from inside the UK change to £490

What documents do I need to bring with me at time of Enrolment?

  • Passport
  • Biometric Residence Card
  • College Offer

Can I work whilst I am in the UK?

Depending on your visa you are eligible to work, the conditions of working hours will be on your visa. Students on a Standard Visitor Visa or Short-term Study Visa CANNOT WORK.

Will the college provide me with student accommodation?

The college does not have student accommodation on Campus, however we work with partners who can help find host accommodation and student accommodation.

See LUNA Students here

Could I get a refund?

Your course is non-refundable, we only offer a refund if your visa has been refused. Evidence of visa refusal must be provided and an admin charge of £450 is deducted from the total refund.

Can I apply in country?

No unless you are a child with a previous Tier 4 visa or if you have a current Student Route Visa with us then you can apply in country to go to university.