Media Studies A Level

If you'd like to make the change from school life, you can study A levels in a college environment. Many of our students go on to enjoy a broad range of opportunities after completing their A Levels with us. A Level pathways are designed to prepare you for higher education and beyond, be it a degree, research or a wide range of careers. In year one you will study the AS specification and take exams in May/June. If successful, you will progress to year two and complete the full A-level. Students who are 16-18 years old are expected to choose three A Levels. Subjects that compliment Media Studies are English, Photography and Film Studies, though you could choose from a wide range of Social Science and Humanities subjects.
Subject:Media & Photography
Duration:1 Year(s)
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About the course

This course is based on 4 main areas of study: media concepts, media platforms (e.g. TV/film, digital/web-based media and newspapers/magazines), media debates (e.g. Reality TV, regulation and censorship) and practical production. You will develop your understanding and appreciation of the media and also create a media product e.g. a video, magazine or website. You will also be expected to complete a work placement as part of your programme of study; study skills and employability skills will be developed with the help of your personal tutor.

AS units available:
• Module 1 - Investigating Media In this unit you will learn about the key concepts of representation, institutions, media language including narrative, and media audiences. Assessment will be a written paper of 2 hours. Examination: 50% of the total AS marks, 25% of the total A Level marks, 2 hours
• Module 2 - Creating Media For this unit you will create two media products. This may involve video production as part of a group, creating pages for a newspaper or magazine or creating web pages for an internet site. Coursework: The creation of two linked production pieces 50% of AS marks, 25% of the total A Level marks A2 units available:
• Module 3 - Critical Perspectives This unit will enable you to develop your approach to analysing the role of the media in today's society by referring to the wider contexts which affect and influence media content. You will consider media debates such as media technology and the digital revolution and the effect of globalisation on the media. Assessment will be a written paper of 2 hours. Examination: 25% of the total A Level marks, 2 hours
• Module 4 - Media: Research and Production This involves researching a topic of your choice and producing an extended written report. This will be followed by creating a media product which is linked to the topic you have investigated. Examination: 25% of the total A Level marks, 2 hours Coursework: 25% of the total A Level marks AS Examination 1571 A2 Examination 2571

What do I need?

You will need 5 GCSEs grades 4 or above, to include English at grade 5 or above.

Where can I progress next?

With a qualification in Media Studies you could go into higher education and/or work in the media, performing arts, advertising, public relations etc.

Media Studies A Level
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Media Studies A Level
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Media Studies A Level
Bournville Campus (Longbridge)
Start date:
2 September 2024
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Full Time
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